Thursday, June 21, 2012

Preah Ang Duong High School & My Memory

Here are some photos I just got from Facebook posted by Someone (Named: Reach Ra, and I never know him) and the news that the old building of the Preah Ang Duong High School in Prey Veng will be taking down after the new building will be built.

I was with this school  year since 2002 to 2005 where I study from grade 7 to grade 9. I have left there around 7 years until now and I do have a lot of sweet and sad memory there. 

I remember that, I met a lot of news friend when I step into grade 7, such as A Leak (Ly Voleak), a Knang (Yann Samnang), A Chea (Yann Sovichea), A VathaNea (Vathana), Ly Sumeng and many other, especially A Chap Teth (Reth Narith) & Yany (Yart Yany) as well as other boys girls I can't remember their name all. Most of them are kind and crazy to play with, and we enjoy to play, eat and fight with each other so much. I remember having so much fun time there, also one of the most crazy thing that time, is my Math teacher was a bit nasty as well as I have some other teacher who I don't like much :) hehe, also in Grade 8 nothing seems deffer from Grade 7, just meet some new friend and still crazier. I remember, this is the year that I stop playing football, for no reason or many be I am too bad with it.

In Grade 9, it also was a great year with far more different thing happen, some friend was move to other class and I was in 9E. I also meet some new friends too and I focus on my study the most because it is the year I have exam, LOLz, But also doing a lot of crazier thing too sometimes. Life's that time seems so peaceful, just study not too hard, have a lot of time to have fun in life with friend and other stuff around us. After finish the exam successfully, I moved to Phnom Penh for living with my mom & I really missed Preah Ang Duong High School so much, I believe, life need to make some changes sometimes, at least to experience new situation.

I missed a lot of stuff, friend, someone, school table, school chair, teachers ... road to school, seller at canteen ... . Miss everything I have in those 3 years there.

For the that old building you see in the photos above is look so quite dangerous sometime, especially when we are studying on it while raining with big winds or somethings. But luckily I only study thier in grade 9 while I studied on another new building for grade 7 & 8.

I really wanna LOL sometime, when I try to recall the memory I have in Prey Veng, especially when I was at Preah Angduong School with lovable friend. It's very lucky that I can still connect with them untill now, also notice that, some of them already married ^^.

Next Time, I will write about My Life in High School Again, but in Phnom Penh, Samky High School.


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