Thursday, December 30, 2010

Top 10 Things I learned in 2010!

2010 is over right now! 2011 is here with us, So I come up with this round-up to talk about something happen especially what I have learn so far in 2010. First of all, I really want to say that 2010 is a really awesome year for me since I have accomplished many great thing that I really want to get and achieve while I do believe I can do it and all in all I really can do it.

Here is what I truly learn in 2010, Read this if you want to have some inspiration.

1 Passion is magic
People always wonder about Magic even me. But Do you know what is the real Magic? Of course, find out your passion and live follow your passion right now!
When you already found your passion, it is the time that you have a magic "chopstick " in your pocket! Just like Harry Potter.  You might see some people suck in their life or even don't know how to dominate their destiny. Go and ask them about their passion! 90% of their answer is "No" .

2 Nothing is easy but it is possible
I used to hear this pretty quote, but frankly I don't remember when and who mention it. Now I do believe it. Nothing is really easy but when you do it with all your best and passion, you will be able 100% to be success while doing nothing is easy but nothing come to you.

3 Without planning, you are wasting your effort for nothing
Planning, Planning, and Planning! Yeah! Never go to do something without planning in opposite you will get lost in the middle of the ways. With planning, you will be able to work faster and also have a hope in mind every time you are working. So guy, no matter how small or big is your project, please make a reasonable planning.

4"Life is not fair, get used to it" Bill gates
Even if I don't really like Windows or Microsoft stuff so much, but I do like this quote from Bill Gate "Life is not fair, get used to it". I do believe and in 2010 if I still comparing about life, I won't have today. Guy! Don't be sad with your life or thinking about having born in a wrong place or . But instead try to do what you really love and give yourself a hope! Just like another favorite quote  "Forget yesterday, Live for today and hope for tomorrow" by Albert Einstein.

5 2010, my years of Open Source awareness
Guys! Open Source really play in a certain role in our digital life. 2010 is a really great years that I know much about open source which I simply cannot divide between "Free software" and "Open Source Software" before. But now, Yes! I really like Open Source, something like Linux, Drupal, Wordpress, PHP and many more. Open Source are really popular since it is made and used by the community.

6 Community is about sharing the Power
I don't know how to describe here! But imagine this world without community collaboration how do you see the world? Can we people achieve such these great result without sharing our work and knowledge!

7 Drupal really rocks!
Another very big thing that hit my life in 2010 is about Drupal! I know Drupal in a very late 2009 and I have spend a lot of time in the whole 2010 to play and work on Drupal, a rock solid PHP based CMS that powered millions of website ranked from personal website to enterprise level. Really love the ways Dries Butaert invent Drupal and make it free as well as thank to Drupal community that keep Drupal alive and more powerful. Beside Drupal, Wordpress is my preference since I don't like Joomla! Oh! Sorry if you are a Joomla fan :)!

8 People are really different!
Have a lot of friend? Have you ever look or give a short study on their attitude? Yes! People are really different! I don't talk about it much! Just one idea from me to share with you "Don't try to teach people who don't keen to learn  (Never guys! I say never!)". One thing I really learn from this point is about getting on with different types of person well, and I really pass this level.

9 Ready to fail, never give up! 
Henry Ford (1863, 1947) inspired me the most as he is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world. I never forget what he says "Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently. ". I almost give up my work and planning many times but I always tell myself that I will be sorry if I give up today because I (no will here) success tomorrow.

10. University is not as I used to hope!
2010 is my third years in university, I do learn a lot here but it is not really my focus.
I do like my universities; there are many things I like such as great friend, great lecturer, and also great environment. That is what I really enjoy my time at University but there are still something that I don't see university are dependable as I used to think before my university enrollment (Yes! that was my crazy expectation).

As a university student, the best ways to enhance our skill and ability is to be a flexible learner which try to learn by yourself as much as possible, I don't find it is hard to do that because now there are ton of resource on the internet are waiting for us to learn.

Facing some really world environment is a very good ways to enjoy what you use to learn at School, while there are only theory (probably out-of-date) and tiny practice cannot help us.


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