Friday, November 4, 2011

101 Random facts about Me

Let’s waste some minutes reading this :D
  1. I don’t eat vegetable unless my mom force me to eat.
  2. I don’t read news so much, it waste time and unmotivated
  3. I love pop music.
  4. I rarely take a nap in the afternoon even if there is nothing to do
  5. I was born in Prey Veng, a quiet and peaceful province , Cambodia
  6. Ubuntu is now my favorite OS. It starts up fast and shuts down fast. Goodbye Windows!
  7. I first learn to use a computer in 2006, when I was in grade 10 with one of my bestfriend.
  8. I used to be bitten by a dog of a neighbour when I was young.
  9. I like writing, but never intent to be a writer
  10. I don’t watch cruel and unrealistic movie (sth like Final destination, Transformer, Saw ..) . It sucks
  11. I don’t own as well as know how to drive a car right now
  12. I don’t eat so much.
  13. I don’t smoke, it is outdated :D
  14. All of my friend are useful, kind and clever. I am so lucky to be their friend.
  15. I rarely talk on bus.
  16. I am so thin, only 50 kgs, I wanna eat more and more. Don’t worry
  17. I am Buddhist, but I don’t care what religion you have.
  18. I hate it when someone tell me to do this and that.
  19. My biggest goal in life is to run a successful Football club. Yep! I am not crazy !
  20. I am so bad at football.
  21. I have been using computer for around 7 year now. But please don’t criticize my typing :D
  22. The best personal development book I ever read is “Rich Dad Poor dad”
  23. I don’t have a real job (happily unemployed)
  24. The best football player for me is Miroslav Klose (Germany)
  25. I first owns a cell phone in 2008
  26. To me, money is important. If you disagree, give them to me and let me care and spend for you.
  27. I love my family. They always encourage me and support my idea.
  28. I first owned a laptop in 2010
  29. If you never know me, then you will find that I am not really friendly.
  30. My name “Sereyboth” is so cool. It is a Khmer word means “The great prince of freedom”.
  31. I always goes offline chat when I log in to Facebook. Sorry guys, but it is annoying.
  32. I don’t go to bed so late and also don’t wake up so early.
  33. I watch football a lot
  34. I think I am 170cms tall
  35. My favorite soccer team is Man Utd & Bayern Munich
  36. I like TV drama even if I don’t watch TV much.
  37. My favorite Khmer singer??? Nam Bunnaroth, Khemerak Sereymun, Khem, Chhit Sovannpanha
  38. I don’t know how to swim :D
  39. I don’t like to repeat thing so much. Quite boring.
  40. I don’t really enjoy staying and hanging out alone.
  41. For Kpop bands, my favorite one is Super Junior.
  42. Before going studying MIS (IT alike) in university, I was always wanted to be a programmer. but everything changed.
  43. I hate to describe about what I do for my living everyday since many people can not understand about it.
  44. I created my first email in 2006, yeah a Hotmail one!
  45. I think I can not live without Google calender, It help to make my life more interesting.
  46. My whole school life is awesome, interesting.
  47. I averagely live with computer more than 8 hours per day
  48. I am male, 100% male not gay
  49. I own a guitar and really want to learn it. But I know my hands were not made to play it.
  50. I speak Khmer, Engish. Nothing else I can!
  51. I am so lucky, no one around me ever hate me :D
  52. IMO “Kolab Pailin” is far the best novel in Cambodia
  53. I don’t cry. Believe!
  54. I only have 1 sister
  55. I prefer cat to dog.
  56. I rarely online wih Skype, Gtalk or other messenger.
  57. I usually have stomach-ace, Really wanna get rid of it.
  58. I DON’T like Tatoo
  59. I wanted to be a boxer, it was a silly idea when I was a child
  60. I dislike tomato. But it is so useful.
  61. It’s changed. I don’t pity people much now.
  62. I love Wordpress. if you don’t know it, just ignore.
  63. I suck at singing.
  64. I want to write and direct a movie when I got old (let’s say 50s)
  65. May be, I like watching movie alone.
  66. Sometime, I really wanna try a life as a monk
  67. I have a lot of cousin
  68. My favorite PC game is Winning Eleven (AKA Pro Evolution Soccer)
  69. I don’t like and never cooking.
  70. I don’t watch a movie twice.
  71. I believe in Magic. And I think Chris angle and David Blant never lie us.
  72. Writing about this 101 facts is so interesting for me.
  73. Beside Cambodia, I only visited Vietnam once in 2010.
  74. I don’t have a passport
  75. I never been so drunk.
  76. I don’t remember anything I dream at night now
  77. When I was born, I only have a grandma (on my mother side)
  78. I am afraid of ghost. Still :D
  79. A friend of mine really look like Brono mars
  80. I quit coffee now. it hurts my health.
  81. I am very close to my parent, and they really take care of me.
  82. I am totally idiots for tons of case
  83. I don’t have a girlfriend RIGHT NOW
  84. I like kids, but can not stay with them more than 1 hour
  85. Yes, my main foods is rice, It is Cambodian style.
  86. I never get any scholarship
  87. I am a clever but not a really good student.
  88. I don’t talk on phone much. It suck.
  89. I strongly agree to my mom’s saying “We human shouldn’t watch evil or ghost movie :D)
  90. Sometime, I think I should become a politician. but.....
  91. For some day, I never look at the mirror (mostly because I forget)
  92. I used to complaint about thing a lot. But not now.
  93. I have a big nose
  94. I use to learn french when I was in grade 5 and now I only able to count the number from 1 to 10.
  95. I watch boxing a lot, especially Kun Khmer boxing.
  96. I love to read other people’s 101 facts. so let’s write your and let me know.
  97. My mom and tell me that I was born to be an extra ordinary person, I think so.
  98. This is my personal blog.
  99. I am so shy sometimes :)
  100. I like Hong Kong and other Asian movie. It rocks.
  101. My high school friend said that I have long legs. :D It is handsome! right?
Yeah! Time is moving, noting something down is a must thing to do. Please let me know if you write one too. I am glad to see it.


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