Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Just Some Random Shots

Nothing to say. But this month I was at Siem Reap from 1st to 5th November for BlogfestAsia 2012 event and we did have a great time there ends up meeting a lot of new and old people. I also just copying some photos from my mobile and found some I really like and post here. Pictures worth thousands of words, so let them say.

Was Walking around the Siem Reap Town after our Dinner with other Blogfest participants. (04 Nov 2012)

2 of My best friends Neat & Phearon. Taken at Setec Instiute after we have our final exam on (11 October 2012)

Know this flower? It is called "Dok Khim", in front of my great  aunt's house in Prey Veng where I went on Pchum Bin Day. 13. October 2012

Sun Set at Chong Porm, Also taken when I was at Preveng for Pchum Ben Day.

at Phnom Kro, Siem Reap. (02 Nov 2012)

 Meily AKA Jojo looks like a rock singer here. Behind the Phnom Krom Temple. 2 Nov 2012


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