Tuesday, December 25, 2012

2012 Year in Review

I remember I used to write my own review about the top 10 things I learn in 2010 and I didn’t write about the 2011. But not a week left for the arrival of 2013, I have to write this review of 2012.  (Listening to Mistletoe of JB right now, it is Christmas day today).

I don’t list something down here, I will write randomly about everything I can think of now, so it gonna be long and messy perhaps.

I don’t judge it by achievement or money or something else, but 2012 is a good and challenging year me. This whole year, there is no more school life for me, I finish my 3-Month internship ECCC on December and after that I spend fulltime to do my own online business for myself. I work almost on many things in Internet Marketing, ok I don’t like to talk about what I do for a living much, hehe just know that it is totally legal is enough. I am so proud of myself, when I can make a healthy living as a fresh university graduate and still have more time than other. But it is also boring too sometime when you don’t have a REAL job and it is very quite annoying when people ask me “What is my job??”. This include, neighbor, friends and other people I know, to make thing easy, I just say I am a freelance web designer and work from home. Ah! It is easy.

2012 is a good year for communication, I been to many event and meet many new & old people. I like to know new people even if I am not very good at being friendly, but most people knows me always said that I am friendly enough, yeah I think so hehe. Oh, I have one good thing, I passed my bachelor exam successfully in November, F*ck, I have to wait around 1 years after finishing the course to have exam, but well-relaxed before exam may be ;). And one thing to notice is 2012 is the year we moved to a new house, it is bigger and comfortable enough for our small family.

At the beginning of the year, we wrote down many goal to accomplish, especially related to my business goal and unfortunately, I achieved less than 50%, it is quite embarrassing but I am sure, I will do better in 2013. As long as I am able to open my eye, my hope and strength still exist.

During the year, I learned so many things. I really like to ask myself about what I have learned; of course I now know a lot to communicate with people, people at my age and with older people and even young people. I also notice that I am now much better with English listening skill, LOL I was so bad with it but I also knew that now my writing is going f*cking too. Haha. I fell so many times in this year but I always stand up and walk on, even if without many hope or power. Even I am really look like very optimistic, but I also need so many motivation too and I did learn much from it, it is about learning to walk on when you fails and really feel hopeless.

The special thing in this year is I am able to visit Siem Reap Twice, one in March may be for Barcamp Siem Reap 2012 and another on in Early November for BlogFest Asia 2012. Yeah, Siem Reap is a nice and peaceful city to live, May be I moved to there one day, hahah I am not sure too.

But right now? Yeah, I’m not so happy right now. The problem that you don’t know if it really occurs and the you are not sure you really cause that problem, and yes, you can’t understand it because I don’t tell you the whole story, sorry privacy concerned. Haha.

The 21st December 2012 is over, the world not yet ends, so Enjoy your life. May 2013 bring more interesting things to my & our life.


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