Friday, December 21, 2012

I am still Me, Thank You!

Yep, I am still me. Nothing change, me with nobody. Yes, It is me. An independent me.

But this me, never giving up my goal, never force myself to do something I hate and never allow myself to forget chasing my dream.

I must say thank everyone around me, My dad & mom, only one beloved sister, relative & friend ... that support & motivate me as always.

If someone ask me to list down who inspire me the most, I will list all of them who I describe about and many other. Everyone I mean, no matter they are successful, rich, poor, bad, good, they are all my inspirational people. I learn good thing from good people and learn the bad thing from bad people where I need to avoid them.

Yeah, Also must thank someone reading this too, I write this blog just for fun and write about what I head force to write, so I am glad someone reading it. Thank You!

LOL, Just another random talk in the night, but it is helpful. It help to motivate me and make me feel tiredless to moving forward.

Enjoy this new found quote shared by Bong Viirak.


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