Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Unusual Today ;)

Nothing special, but today is unusual, You know why?

This afternoon, I started working at 1PM after lunch, I didn't why I was very tired, then I decide to take a nap when it was 3 PM. Around 4 PM and a half, I got a call from a friend, my mum bring it too me, I was very surprise, open the room quickly to get the phone (I heard) and my mum bringing it to me too. Just a call from friend asking me to install Viber or Online on Skype to talk with him, Fuck!! Fuck Kimahk! lol What he wanna talk with me and why he doesn't use his own number ??? I just said "err" ... lol (like a crazy kid because just wake up) . He heard that as ask me "Both, still sleeping???" "yes" I replied. And he said "oh, OK, just sleep then". LOL, then I relized oh, this is evening, not in the morning, When I just wake up I thought it was in the morning and may be someone turned the phone on for me. LOL, then I rolled in bed, and playing Soduku on my phone, LOL and then Phearum just back from his work and come to my come to take me to the gym with him. LOL, I had a corn with him at my house before going to the Gym.

At the Gym, I was very surprise again to see an old friend, a Mul. then we I was nearly back to home, My friend Mono called to tell me that his mom has some problem and now at Khmer-Russian Hospital, then I and Phearum visit him & his mom. It is good that she was fine and also meet some dudes too. LOL.

What a unusual day. and I also had headache too, not sure why. Ah, because I was headache, I have nothing to work and now blogging about this :)


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