Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Random Feeling

La Bol Yor!
It is not that so comfortable when sometime you are not sure yourself with some thing and you feel insecure with it.

There is Khmer New Year soon, less than a week to go. No where to go, just to visit my home town. Because the time is not appropriate, we miss a plan to go to Siem Reap during this holiday, I want to go but my mum worry that I am a new driver should not drive so that long, I worry too and finally we decide not to go.

Yeh! Just wish all of you to meet good things in the upcoming Khmer New Year day! Good Health, More Money, Beautiful Life and Happiness.

Enjoy This Song! "Oun Nov Nek Bong Men Te (Still Miss Me)" By Zono!


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