Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Barcamp Battambong 2013 - Me and Random things there

It was a great opportunity to be able to join Barcamp Battambong 2013 which is a part of Barcamp Cambodia event. We leave Phnom Penh on 24th May in the easy morning by bus after gathering in front of National Education Institute near Independent Monument.

We arrived Battambong town in the afternoon. After checking in to the guest house (I share the room with Kimhak and Visal), some dudes and me relax a bit before going out with other by Bus to Banon Mountain, unfortunately we miss the bus because may be we took so long shower :( . But that's doesn't matter. Later on that night, we just go to eat something along the Steng Songke in a big group. The weird things that ngith is that, we arrive the guest house at 10 pm or so, but Visal always vomit and feel not good, so after some hours, we (I and Kimhak) decide to bring him to eat poures at the same place again.

The next days, on Saturday is the day that the event happens (in BBU University), I attend some good session, what I love the most is about "Twitter Bootstrap". Even if I no longer work technically daily, but I have to follow the trend in web design and development, "Less" is also what I learn so much there, but actually the speaker sucks! LOL.

We had a party networking night and since we were late, we almost has no foods left to eat @@. Thank Phearon that always come to wake us up every morning, as well as evening that we sleep because we are tired or sth. That party end with some dancing and it is great since that restuarant is also located along the Steng Sangke too. After that, we have another party in the local club, what is the funny the most is that we see so many gays there. I was shocked when I went to male WC and found so many female-dress gays there. LOL.

Don't know all of them, a few hours before we left back to Phnom Penh.

Finally we come back to Phnom Penh on Sunday afternoon and arrive here in the evening. Barcamp Battambong end up with some new friend and some good memory. Was Such a good time we will never forget. 

Here are some photo:

From Left to Right: Titi,Veacha , Me, Visal and Kimhak.

Phearon and Me


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