Monday, July 1, 2013

Let's say "HI" to Top10Thebest !

Top10theBest is one of my latest blog that I establish in may 2013. The content is filled heavily in june in order to form a strong content based website with high quality article about "top 10".

The idea behind this is simple, we list all the "top 10" of the best in anything from entertainment to gadget as ell as health issues and foods.

This is seems one of a fast growing blog that i used to build which already attract around 80 to 100 visitors per days which most of them come from Google search and follow by Pinterest.

In last month, I spend not less than 200$ for the of content that are outsourced on Top10thebest, and willing to invest double this month! Hope it will be a giant site, who know? :-D


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