Thursday, May 1, 2014

13 things that I love being an Entrepreneur

I post this as a facebook status some weeks ago, just wanna repost here ;)

Here are 13 things that I love being an Entrepreneur:

1/ I work on what I want, not what I have to.
2/ What I can think of are most likely to be tried out
3/ I am my own boss
4/ I can go to bed late without worry about the next morning since waking up late isn't my problem
5/ I don't need to face traffic jam everyday
6/ My schedule/routine is flexible, it is based on how anxious I am and how I feel
7/ I don't need anyone's permission to be lazy or just leaves the work there
8/ I control my income, and it's charming when no one can limit it
9/ I am happily jobless
10/ I hang out with entrepreneurs!
11/ I work on holiday sometime, because some ideas are too excited to work
12/ Entrepreneur rocks, We dream & make it real. We change the world.
13/ I can outsource what I don't like/can't for other to do, and keep focus on what I love to do.


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