Thursday, August 14, 2014

Battambang Trip!

 It was a good time for me and my family. We visit left Phnom Penh on Sunday 10 to Battambang and just back yesterday. Actually, it was my dad's mission to there for his seminar and we can go all, while he is on mission, we travel. Here are some photos, will be a good memory for me.

Riverfront of Kompong Chhnang Town

Actually, I travel accross Kompong Chhnang Town many times, but never have a chance to go inside the town and see the riverside, it makes me miss the riverside at Prey Veng town. The mountian you see over there is called "Kangrey Mountain".

It is a statue in Battambang Town, near Beng Chouk Markert. If you come from Banteay Meanchy on National road #5, you will see it first before heading inside the town.

Me sitting along the "Sangke Reiver" which is a famous river across Battambang Town. Sin Sisamuth sings a lot of song about this small river.

On Tuesday, We have a chance to Visit Pailin, here is the independent monument in this small quiet town.

This is a  big Buddha satue in Ek Phnom Pagoda and Temple. We also visit Sampov Mountain as well as Banan mountain and temple too.

This is the icon of Pursath Province, took it on the ways we come back to Phnom Penh. 

All in all, it is a good time, I learn a lot from these visit and also a very very long driving too.


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