Thursday, April 4, 2013

Productivity Tip : Read more with Pocket!

I saw one of my friends using it and I asked what is that and he let me know that it is called "pocket", a simple bookmarking tools that saves the link of articles to read later.

It is simple, Pocket is a Chrome Extention, Firefox add on, Web App, iOS App and Android App. What you can do is that you register a free account with it and then you can install it on your browser and bookmark aything you want to read later with pocket. And if you install their app (android or iOS app), you will be able to syn it to read in your smart phone or any other place such as their own web app. This Will save you a lot of time when you see an interesting article but don't have time to read it and wish to read later.

I installed it on my Firefox as Addon and then I syn all link to my Android App on my phone. When I have time to read, I read on my smart phone since it format the article and image correctly to be view in smart phone which really save me a lot of time.

The special thing is that you can set it to automatically download all article to read offline in your smart phone anytime. I really like it!!


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