Saturday, April 28, 2012

Boros Mneak Nis Rous Derm Bey Srolanh Oun

Here is the song I love the most in this recent years!
"Boros Mneak Nis Rous Derm Bey Srolanh Oun" mean "This man will live only to love you"

The whole meaning of this song is about a man love a women where he never expect to be loved by her and also never intend to be near here or even disturb her to know about this. The saddest part when he sing "this love will never be a problem even you are not near me". This man only wish her to have the one she love to care her for the rest of life.

I do love the meaning of this song the most while I am in the almost similar situation of this song. Unfortunately, the story in the MV is completely unrelated to the meaning! WTF with the director !

Also love the voice of Kuma so much.


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