Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Cousin’s wedding at Prey Veng

Been here at Prey Veng since yesterday with my mom and sister while my dad is already here for my cousin’s wedding which happen today.

Right now, I am at my dad’s house at 9:30 Am since I just come to relax for this noon since I was very busy and got too hot at the wedding house this whole early morning.

It’s very interesting to see a lot of relatives of my dad’s side as well as many friend of my great aunt who are teachers like her too. Since I left Prey Veng since 2005 after my grade 9 of Preah Ang Doung High school, I missed here so much and many people I see here, I have a lot of problem to recognize them. Some were my old teacher since elementary school or so.

I didn’t intent to come here for this wedding dou to some personal interest, but since facing some problem and I was not well inside my mind for this weeks, I decide to come here for a refreshment, but if I chose not to come here, still my dad force :) .

I’ll be there (wedding house) again this afternoon and the whole evening and go to Phnom Penh back tomorrow morning.

Still, Prey Veng keeping itself as a very quiet town, much more quiet than I was here. Riding along the town back and forth, and I still can not found any of my old friends here WTF !


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