Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Entrepreneur$hip is NOT Just About Money!

If you ask me what is my job?? I will answer something like internet marketer, self-employed web professional or something similar like that. Even if I keep telling myself that I am an entrepreneur, I will not really confidence enough to say it out LOL.

I never have any REAL job since I graduate from the university, well it once was a 3-month internship at ECCC which I just do to complete a school requirement and that was suck, hell yeah, that's was suck. The reason, I choose to go nowhere but work for myself because I was making healthy income at the time, I graduate, if I take a first job, the salary would be sucks. And then I choose, yeah choose to be an entrepreneur, working on my various online projects.

At first, I did think a lot about money, may be I keep it as the main purpose of my entrepreneurship along with freedom. but later on, my mind change, sure money & freedom is important, but the main thing that as quite important as that is about unleashing the potential inside me. I believe, when you work on your own idea, pursuit your dream, you just can not find something more exciting than that. No matter you go alone or with team, you have to work on what you love.

Getting up everyday and work on the thing we don't like or we lost interest in a totally wastes time of our life.

We have have passion and dream, find it. Turn your idea into business, working your ass of to make your dream come true and you will see yourself in a new ways you used to see yourself.

But, we have a problem here ...........

It seems so exciting about entrepreneurship and about owning our own business and becoming our own boss. But the real thing is not that, no matter we are online or offline entrepreneur. we will have to work quit hard. While your other friends is partying and sleeping, may be you are working your ass off. While other enjoy with their family and friends out there, you are busy with your business. And sometime we lost motivation from people around us. Some entrepreneur quit their dream after a while because of the pressure of their family of somethings. Because, we can not see the result from what we do in business instantly, unlike having a real job where we get the paycheck every end of the month.

To Keep ourselves motivated

This is what I do everyday and can be a good advice to you too: 
  1. Connect with other entrepreneur and business people or people in our field. 
  2. Having a master mind group and having a meet up every week or something like that, so you can motivate each other, help each other to solve the problem as well as inspire each other when you got any good result from what you do. This will make more close friend as well as learn much more thing faster.
  3. Take care your health, do more exercise and eat healthy food. Without being healthy, you can reach anywhere. Money from your hard working will be totally wasted to doctor :D
  4. Keep connected with friend and family, generally they are close to us the most. Without them, we will be much lonely :D
  5. Keep reading something motivated. I have a habit to read business book every morning for 30 minutes or something in the morning. This will keep us motivated and stayed focused.I also follow all other blog and subscribe many good blog RSS to read in m Google reader too :D
  6. Go to more events. A good opportunity to make new friend connect with more professionals that some of them will be a good potential person in our business journey. Can be our client, partner later. 
  7. Work hard, play hard. Develop some good hobby that will keeping ourselves happy. playing sport, go out, taking a vacation or spend more time with your kid ... . 
  8. Being patience. You must learn to be patience, because success doesn't happen overnight. 
My final thought about myself : People are efferent, and we all are unique. If you think, being an entrepreneur is what you want to be, go for it. What other people think and say is not our business. Find an idea to solve a problem and work hard to get it and then bank it hard. And the main things of being happy is to do the thing we love and never compare ourselves to anyone, when we have any success even if it is small or big, smile to it. 

 The word "Success" in my dictionary contains 4 things: 
  1. Freedom ( Work on what I love anytime I want)
  2. Relationship (love, family, friend and spread love to more people that need help)
  3. Money (Nothing is free in this world, so I want to have a lot a lot of money)
  4. Health (I love to be healthy)


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