Saturday, August 31, 2013

August in Review

Time Goes So fast! Cache it and do your work ;)

Yeah! day by day goes and now tomorrow, August is over and September is coming. For me, it been another good month with some activities as well as I see some very good result of what I am doing.

It's been very okay on my business process, somethings won't go right but it still not go wrong. With some few mistakes along the ways, I can keep it as goods lesson to learn.

And just a week ago, I was at Kompong Cham for 2 night and 3 days from 23rd to 25th for Barcamp Kompong Cham Event. It was happy there, meet some old and new people, learn something new as well as seeing something in that province which I travel across many time but never stop and see around in the town.

Many good things happen this month and even eliminate all bad things! hehe, however, there is a small motorbike crash for me on 19th while I was on the ways to cafe to see some buddies. However, it is very small.

Here is a very nice photo of Phearon, Me and Soneat while we were eating together the day before yesterday with some other friends. I share this photo because as you can see, I have a very strong smile! lolz!  (thank @Veacha for taking this photo)
Yeh! Smile Like this! Like we have no problem at all :)


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