Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Seems like haven't update anything on this blog for long! Nothing to write? Nope, many thing but I just don't wanna write!

One big thing happen in July is the official national election in Cambodia which taken place on 28th July 2013. I was at Prey Veng that time with my mum becuase my polling station is there. We are back to Phnom Penh some days after it.

Until now, even the temperary just announced yesterday by the NEC, but the sistuation is not better yet due to some problem that the opposition party decline the result that show that they lose the election, let's wait and see.

I was very OK these days, happier and very proud of my recent project as well as other on-going projects that I own.

I just wanna say I am excited! Fuck Yeah!


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