Tuesday, December 24, 2013

6 Things I learned in 2013

I believe writing down what we have learned in a whole years we pass will help me to remember important lessons for in our life. As the 2014 is coming soon, here are 6 things that I learned in 2013.


 1. Stay focused, Stay Motivated

I personally heard this from many success people and entrepreneur who I learn from and respect but I personally steal (^_^) this concept from a close friend of mine who always share his entrepreneurial journey to me. Yep, we are best friends and when he was at a high level of income which the good things happen on his business, he was making something like 15 times of my income. One thing he personally recommend me to do is too stay focus on one thing until success before starting another next thing. This inspire me to spend more focus on my new website (Top10thebest.com) until it make a big success in 6 month later which it was first made on April 2013.


2. Never try to clone someone's success

I have to admit that I used to make this mistake! ^0^, you too perhaps! Seeing someone doing something pretty good and try to steal idea of what he/she do and do something the same or close to it and then hope to bank hard or getting success like he/she does. And the bad news is that, you will be tired of following and getting bored of doing something that you are not so much into it.  Instead, I choose to work on what I love, even if my idea is similar to what I see other people doing, but I am doing it differently with my own strategy. And the success can also be different too, it can be bigger! Who know? ;-)

3. Work Less, Achieve More 

Who the hell on this earth don't want to work less and achieve more than other average people doing? Poorly, not everyone can do it. I worry much about how much I have to work to maintain my business and still have time to create more business and spare time to enjoy my hobbies. As an internet entrepreneur, I own a lot of websites, blogs which some of them need to be updating regularly and some can be kept there just to generate passive money. What I react to this is about to use automated tool as well as outsource what take time to other people, so I can focus on doing something bigger, So I have time to sit down and see what business are going rather than spending all my time working that might result in feeling that business can be a pain.

4. It won't be too late to start/restart something

You still have chance to start something you wish to start before, time is never too late (a few case, it can be). I have an idea I want to start since 2011, but because I have no enough money, I also forget it. But in 2013, when I want to take my business to the next level, I pick up that idea to start. Result? Far more than I expect! And I am really excited with it. I also believe that, if I start it since 2011, it might not be successful like I started it in 2013 too, why? Because not all money can lead to success, it needs our brain. The quote "Just do it" or "Do it now" are not always correct.

5. Love everything you have

Love everything you have right now! I am fed up to hear people complain about things they are having and hate them. Love what you have first in order to have what you want next. This including, keep using your old stuff if you not yet able to buy a new stuff. Taking care of your family, friends and spend time when them when possible. Finding balance!

6. Health First, Success comes later:

Do you believe that in this whole 2013, I got to gym at least 2 or 3 times per week? Yep! I did. And I try to eat right as much as I can even if I still have a lot of cheat day ;). Keeping yourself healthy and strong help to boost your productivity as well as saving time and money from being ill too. Care your health first!


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