Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Reading! Reading! Back to Reading!


Reading? Yes, I love reading! I read no matter what type of book it is. I always keep myself with reading since I was young right after I was able to read. I remember I done reading almost every books I found in my house's bookshelves. When I was so young, beside friends I have at school, I rarely play with kid in my neighbor, so whenever I am at home, I play alone as well as reading.

Time passed, I still keep reading as my habit and hobby. Just in this few years, I can't really afford my time to read as many books as I use, but however I still keep improving my skill by reading in many blog/website as I use Pocket app a lot.

I now focus more on reading book related to entrepreneurship as well as business related. a few books I read in these few years includes Millionaire Fastlane, Rich Dad Poor Dad as well as the 4 hour work week. Those book really inspire me much, yes so much. Without them, I have no today perhaps. I love what Robert Kiyosaki and MJ Demaco said in thier book and teach us the concept about making more money than ordinary people as well as the ways Tim Ferriss inspire us to work as less as 4 hours per week and achieve as much as we can.

And it is not a new year resolution, but I plan to keep reading more. I don't like to stick to any plan and schedule but I just bought 2 book this morning in Amazon Kindle Store and plan to read them in my phone. It's "Secret of The Millionaire Mind" and "Think and Grow Rich". I will only read them when I am bored and when I want, so I believe I can finish them in 2 months.

I choose "Reading" to inspire and motivate myself and "Taking Action" to get what I want. And you?


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