Monday, April 7, 2014

What a sad & busy week!

Last week was a sad week for me, I lost my only uncle of my father side. He was in serious situation on 28th March and was brought to Phnom Penh that day to Calmette hospital. He has stroke and it has happen 3 years ago and this is the second time he faces this. I go to the hospital several time to visit him. I rarely go to the hospital, everytime I go there, there are so many things to know, many lesson to learn and it sometime really make me feel guilty. People crying… that don’t make me feel right while I am also sad for my uncle’s situation. Things don’t go right! On Tuesday 1 April, he passed away due. Because everything is too late and his heart diseases is too serious as well as both sides of his brain are damaged. It’s very sad to accept the truth that he is gone, forever while he is still young to go, only 48 years old. You can guess how sad his kids and we as his relative are.

I went to his house at Neak Loeung that day with mom to join and help to prepare his funeral, I am so sad to hear the cry of his wife, kids as well as my aunts…. Life is so unpredictable. I come back to Phnom Penh that day and come again on the next day but with Dad.

And then I spend another 2 days to go to my mom’s homeland for Cheng Meng, It was fun. Have a rest for a day in Phnom Penh, Yesterday I go to Neak Loeung Again for joining the 7-day ceremony for my uncle’s death. Go there in the afternoon, and back at 6 pm. Due to so long qoue at the ferry I decide to go across Prey Veng via Ba Phnom Road.  I arrive Phnom Penh at 9:30 pm, it was such a crazy driving experience at night on quiet road.

Also has many other tasks I have to do during week!

Today is the first day of a new week, and everything look fresh to me even the weather is good after some raining last night, I love seeing this. Hope everything will go well.


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